Model G35 FF M10

Ceramic bearing insulator

Ceramic Model G35 FF M10
G35 FF M10
Technical data
Creepage line length60 mm
Operating temperatureda -50 °C a +250 °C | +350 °C
Dielectric test at dry conditions16 kV | 60 s | 50 Hz
Maximum load according to test conditions required by EN 61373≥ 150 N
Flexural strengthP ≥ 1600 N
Maximum tensile strength≥ 6000 N
Maximum compressive strength≥ 10000 N
Torsion rupture torque≥ 55 Nm
Weight80 g
A Threaded insert materials Code Max tightening torque on the threads Availability
M 10 Nickel electroplated brass 312025400 32 Nm STD.
M 10 Zincelectroplated steel 312025500 32 Nm On request only