Isolex: quality and competence

20 years of research

ISOLEX activity starts in 1996 producing special insulators made by epoxy resin and microswitches (snap type) specially intended for railway applications. The skill of the employees in transport industry allows to achieve in a short time a wide range of bearing insulators that thanks to its high quality, are in great demand from the mayor company acting in the electric traction field.

At the same time ISOLEX works out a new series of snapswitches that are fitted on many traction components as contactors, power switches, controllers.

ISOLEX production complies with the most severe international standards and is constantly updated according the growing requirements of the market.

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ISOLEX fulfils the requirements of Standard EN ISO 9001:2015 and is certified by TÜV THÜRINGEN.
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ISOLEX is certified ISO 9001:2015

Corporate and certifications

Product categories

The range of ISOLEX products includes ceramic bearing and cbushing insulators, micro switches and resistors
(ground, filter, load, braking resistors).

Our Clients

Customers of ISOLEX are the main manufacturers of equipments for the railways companies all over the world. Breaking resistors, contactors, switches, converters are only some examples of apparatus where our products are used.